Sunday, December 29, 2002

Well not quite a week but almost. Really everything I've got to say I've already said to the gals who visit me here. Mary hasn't poked her head up much but I'm getting ready to crab at her about that. Christmas was too long. Finished tonight with the last family event. This one was really for the kids. Went to my aunts home, their great aunt, and played with all the cousins. Gavin is 3 mos. old and just beyond cute. Yes Mary, Cindy had a little boy.
I made my grandmere' a hand painted sweatshirt with all 14 names of grandkids and great-grandkids on it for her. She ate it up. I'm glad. Not very many people still have grandparents around. When Robert was born there were 5 generations alive. But both Mom and I started early.
HP Diagon Alley game the kids got ROXS. Very good family game. Involves skill and planning, not just rolling dice and rushing around the board. The wizard money-coins-are used to buy your items for school. Problem is there are not enough items for everyone so you have to use spells and hexes to out smart the other players in order to get everything on your list. There's floo cards and send your opponent to Knockturn alley cards and all sorts of fun stuff to do. I'm going to bring it to Florida in July. LESLIE can play with it instead of PSII junk.:) That was a challenge girl!
Duane needs a man to keep him company while I do the girl thing. That means you Mr. Leslie. (Name was changed to protect the innocent ! :))

Monday, December 23, 2002

I'm surprised what a difference nine months makes in someone perspective. I always knew I lived in the suburbs of Detroit, one of the nicer ones in fact, but I worked very close to the border and many of the small shops I got things from are right there. After nine months away my eyes were open to the true blight that surrounds the inner city. Run down and abandoned buildings. Burnt out cars and trash. Traffic...oh my...traffic. Four lanes worth on both sides plus a turn lane. Planes landing over your head every five minutes or so--sister-in-laws house is in Metro's landing path--day and night. I stopped in one of my old regular shops for eggnog—everyone up here asked me to get them some-- to bring back up with us. The store is one of the last dairy outlets in Michigan and for the first time I was nervous to be there alone. Worse yet, went to another store that carries Middle Eastern groceries--I wanted feta, calamatra olives, Tahini for Hummus, Taramosalata and fresh bread and when I looked around I realized I was the only woman not wearing a veil. Can't spell it-won't try, but I can spell the food. Wonder what that says about me. Dearborn, next to Detroit has the largest concentration of middle easterners out side of Saudi Arabia. I never felt the stares of segregation before. I'm sure people looked at me before but I just never noticed. Wow...eyes are open now.

And then there were the in-laws. Hubbies brother and sister-in-law were up from Tenn. WONDERFUL FAMILY and I truly miss them. Other sister is just plan physco but I'm use to that. My mother-in-law disappointed me though. If you were a grandma wouldn't you be very happy to have your grandkids playing at the house after not seeing them since summer? My two were there plus the cousins and we were doing the Christmas thing for Christ sakes and the woman was just spastic because they were sitting too hard on the furniture, wanting to play on her computer, which we gave her by the way, didn't want them to watch TV in the living room because the VCR was new and they might mess it up. She sent them into her room to watch TV on a 9 inch screen and then had the nerve to throw a fit because the four of them messed up her bed which they were setting on to watch the 9 in screen. Hubbie straightened the bed, folded her corner back and put her pjs back on top of the bed, kids had moved them to the dresser, and made the kids sit in the living room and do nothing until it was time for the gifts to be opened. AM I being petty? Just seemed to me she didn't want us there. Ah well I'm immature enough to handled it. Yes I typed immature... When I went into her room to get coats to leave, I short sheeted her bed. Surprises me that even people in their thirties can get a kick out of that one. I am soooo bad.

Ok now I get to go and catch up on the wrapping for the other half of the family. And I havent even started santa's....Leslie, you'll be proud of me, I'm not cleaning the house.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Opps a week and no post, sorry. Just busy. Too many parties, too much shopping, too much packing--going down state to see in-laws. And then throw in a birthday party, I'm over whelmed. I'm a seasonal depression type of gal. I try very hard to enjoy the holidays but by the end of a day I'm ready to run screaming into my room and lock the door. The house is never clean enough. The tree is not right. My party cloths don't fit right and I feel like everything I do is crap. My blog so I can have a pity party can't I? Ten years ago today a miracle happened, you think I could at least see the bright side of life due to that fact.

Remember the two bunnies? Thought they were two girls then they fought and hubby says “nope two boys.” I think one of the boys is pregnant.

Rebecca answered the question on plagiarism. She seems to think that as long as I acknowledge that I didn’t make up the spells and they are sourced to the right book I’m doing the correct thing.

Moons full. I wonder what Wolfs doing?

I’ve stopped writing AP.

I miss my friends.

And worst of all, no one wants to see The Two Towers with me. Looks like I get to go and see Eliza Thornberry with the kids for the holidays. TNG anyone?

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I just read a very well written article by RJ. [plagerism] and because of it sent her a message in regards to AP. I thought about posting this to the Y!G but I was afraid to overwhelming our 'new site.' I certainly don't want to scare away my readers. So I'm posting it here and I will provide a link at Y!G for those who chose to follow the conversation. Below is a copy of the comment I sent Rebecca and I hope she choose to reply since I value her opinion my than my own!

Here's a good one for you and I didn't see it covered under the topics. How about spells? Yes, as in a Druid/Wiccan Grimoire. I do credit the book from which the spells were drawn but the author himself has drawn from manuscripts from ages past.

In addition to these spells, I also title each chapter with a verse from the Witches Reid. While I've made no secret among the followers of AP what this is, I do not directly source it to the author. Gerald Gardner is (some argue mistakenly) credited as the one who authored the Rede-poem. This Reid is found everywhere in the Wiccan world, from posters to personal Grimmers (spell books). Most accept the fact that a Gardner’s Wicca is not a precise recreation of a pre-Christian religion. While centered on ancient themes of Goddess spirituality, Gardner’s particular brand of Witchcraft more accurately casts as an amalgam that began with the rituals of a hereditary English coven (his own ancestors perhaps), but to which were added elements of Freemasonary, Theosophy, Eastern philosophy, and many others.

Chapter twelve of AP starts off with new verses drawn from the Druid Zodiac calendar consisting of the Eight Grove Festivals--AP is much longer than I had intended and I ran out of Reid--and this poem, based on the Druid Holladay’s i.e., Yule, Samhain, Imbolic is by an unknown author dating back several centuries, perhaps a millennium. At the end of each chapter my A/N's include the name of the text from which each spell comes, but I have not sourced the chapter’s openings. Suggestions?

If you don’t want to clog up your blog and you choose to address these questions you do have my personal e-mail. Drop me a response and I’ll post it as our quest lecture on Ancient Prophecy’s Y!G. :D

Thanks Elizabeth.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Went shopping with my mom today which I haven't got to do in about five years! Oh did I have fun. Stoped in all sorts of unique shops and got all sorts of fun stuff for people that didn't really cost a whole lot. Amy's snowflake Sawrovski crystal did but I get her those every year. When she moves out on her own she'll have at least 18 or 19 X-mass ornaments for her on tree someday. I'm a good aunt. Went to the Capricorn Moon which is a shop for Wiccan, Celtic and Shamanistic supplies. My poor mother, the look on her face. But she even found a gift for her sister! Bought three cards---yes Leslie they must have been special considering what I think of cards. They can be used as frameable works of art. The artist hand drawns mythical scenes, creatures, people, nature immages like the sun, moon and stars, ets. Then they are printed off and three dementional details are added to them last with her signiture. I fell in love with the ones drawn to represent the holidays. Bought Yule(Father Winter), Imbolic(Maiden Brigid, St. Bridget or the Earth Mother) and Samhain(Festival of the Wee Folke, All Hallow's Eve, the Witches New Year). Now you can guess my mothers questioning stares as I am discussing this information with the ladies in the shop not to mention they know me by name because I've been in there before for refrence materials. I leave the shop all smiles and happy that I have these three cards and I'm thinking about who I want to give each one to and she turns to me and says: "Lou are you a Witch because if you are than that's ok and I thought you should know that." God love her, I know I do.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

I miss snow. :-(
Thought everyone would like to feel sorry for me. It was -12* last night. We were colder than Fairbanks Alaska. Officially there is now 60 inches of snow on the ground. Bufflo New York, snow record setter supreme, only has 24.5 in.

Monday, December 02, 2002

I knew I'd be bloody awful at keeping this thing current. I'm to busy making comments everywhere else to take the time to do my own. So I'll just hit the highlights. Two Thanksgining meals I didn't have to cook. Big Plus! And most faimlies watch "Its a Wonderful Life" or "Miracle on Thirty-fourth Street. Not mine. We watch all three Indiana Jones flics and 2001 Space Oddyssey. The 2001 thing was funny because Duanes never seen it and Stanley Kubric drove him nuts in Eyes Wide Shut. You should have seen him watching 2001.

First really big snow hit. 20 car pile up on interstate 75 which ment Duane got locked down at the hospital last night. When will people learn to drive in snow? The cold is the worst though. So cold that when we open the door to go out the temprature difference causes steam to roll into the door. You know, like when you see your breath.

Christmas shopping is done but I'm contemplating Judaism! No one takes time for thought in a gift any more. Its all 'how much are we spending and we got her three things so we have to get so-in-so three things'. It's crap. I like to think about what I get for someone--the more individual the better. If it cost 5 bucks but means the world to the person than it should be enough. And don't even get me started on my mother-in-law.