Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Well now...I just patched up a bloody rabbit with anti-biotic ointment and gauze. Fun. Poor Samantha went out to feed them and comes back in very calm for a 6 year old and anounces: "Mom I really think you need to come look at Curley his ear is all torn and ripped." Sure enough it turns out we have two males rather than two females and they have no intention of being "a couple." You'd have thought that by now I could tell the difference between boys and girls. :D

It's amazing what a staple gun, a wire cutter and chicken wire can do. Instead of a rabbit hutch we now have a rabbit duplex.
Now I get to go cook dinner. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Monday, November 25, 2002

WTF-not only is TLC down but so are all my Y!G. ARG... what am I going to read? SQ hasn't updated and now I'll be forced to work on AP. Dig all the caps. HeHe
I had the most wonderful dinner cooked by my father this weekend. Mom's on her yearly condo outing with her two sisters in Flordia. It's not the fact that dad cooked, he's better at it than I. What stuck in my mind the most, other than the fact that it tasted FABULOUS, was the fact that it all came from the land. Our land. Home grown carrots, potatoes and cabbage all pot-roasted together with the most tender venison roast I've had in about 6 years. Yes, the dear was shot in the family corn field eating what was left of the corn and pumpkins. So we fed the deer too in a way. For desert--homemade apple sause from the wild tree in the front yard. I'm not sure what this all ment to me...just made me stop and realize how lucky we are.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Well I've been a very bad girl and have been neglecting to post so I'm quite certain I will be the last one to post her oohs and ahhs over CoS. Trouble is I agree with about 95% of what has been said already and I don't want to sound redundant. So I'll try hard to come up with some things that I have not seen addressed.

To start, I already have to copy Emily with the line: I'll be upstairs in my room, making no noise and pretending I'm not there. I know we all paned Radcliff for his lack of 'something' in SS but he has redeemed himself within the first 5 minutes of CoS. This line just said it all for me. The looks on everyone's face, the loathing between Harry and the Dursleys, all subtle but definitely there. When he quietly tells them he has received no mail my heart just broke for him, which it did not in the book. That’s acting!

Once back in his room the viewer should appreciate the dull-Spartan conditions compared to the rest of the house. Everyone should have noticed Dudley’s photographs EVERYWHERE in the house. Very cannon. Which brings me to the second favorite line: “Hogwarts is my home, I don't belong here.” He wants to go home and Hogwarts is that home! Dobby, by the way, is not what I had envisioned while reading but was simply delightful anyway. His moves and manners are realistic with someone/thing that wants to help but knows he can't/shouldn't. Again, there are small facial expressions that speak volumes. By the third round I was watching Radcliff rather than Dobby and when you realize that he was acting to a yellow ball rather than a house elf you will realize even more how good his acting here was.

Ok, the car just rocked. And Uncle Vernon falling out of the window was brilliance on Columbus' part! Then the approach to the Burrows. I say again I want to live there and it is clear that Harry does too. Percy's bed head--oh my God! The clock--heart warming and the family drawings covering every free space spoke volumes of the love and wonderful nature of the Wesley's. Someone said Bill and Charlie’s faces weren't there. I bet they were and I wish the camera had paned down enough for us to see the 'away' or 'at work' section. You know its there! The set designer would not allow for a clock to only have the top portion on it!

I really like the bookstore confrontation between Arthur and Lucius. Better than the books I might add. You don’t go starting a fight in a crowded public place with evil men and I have always thought Arthur, though eccentric, to be a responsible parent. I hate Draco Malfoy---oh have I said that before, sorry. Little low life klepto. x:-[ I think it was Rebecca who says you almost feel sorry for him when Lucius knocks him aside with the walking stick. Humph, no! And yes the jealousy of it all is clear. He has no true friends. But whose fault is that?

The trip to Hogwarts was a bit over the top. Sorry, I can't love everything and yes I know it had to be there, but falling out of the car was clearly for the young boys in the audience. I couldn't help but think that Grint screamed to much and all Ron needed to do was turn the wheel the other way and let him fall back in! The way they landed in the Whopping Willow was too cool and I can't wait to see the trio try and get past that monster in PoA.

Snape, ah Snape! I wish he had found them rather than Filch. I really missed the line: “Or maybe I'm standing right behind you waiting to hear why you two didn't arrive on the school train.” The way he comes around the desk at them! I couldn’t help but think he was very jealous of Harry with the way he pointed at the boys saying they ‘flouted the rules.’ Looked like an older brother tattling! I did feel sorry for the poor man when Dumbledore ‘disses’ him with the line ‘I helped write several of the rules my self, Severus.’

The Howler—need I say more. Every mother should have one of those available to her. And then to congratulate Ginny in the same breath just proves what a wonderfully thoughtful and frugal woman Molly is. Can’t waste Errol on two trips now can we?

Third favorite line: “Why is it always me?” Neville hanging from the ceiling in DDA was a simply brilliant move by Columbus. Hermione stopping all the Pixies—also a special effects thumbs up! Did any one notice Susan Bones became a Gryffindor? She’s with Hermione several times and in SS that actress is Susan Bones of Hufflepuff.

The slug scene by Hermione to me spoke volumes on the relationship between the trio and Hagrid. Best bit of acting on Emma’s part yet. It was natural for once, not forced. And Coltrien is a living teddy bear. Grizzly to be sure but a lovable one non-the-less.

Ok-another part that I wasn’t too happy with but that’s just the drama student in me: Our director would have had kittens on the spot if we all had just showed up on stage like we were ‘suppose to show up’. What I mean by this is the first time the trio finds the writing—what, do students travel in packs at Hogwarts? Other scenes have students spaced out and coming and going but not this one. Group A moves in stage right, Group B moves in stage left. And what was Madam Pomfrey doing with them anyway?

Quidditch—not enough—still! But Malfoy on his ass was brilliant. I hate Malfoy, Oh have I said that? ;) Oh and broken arms hurt. Radcliff could have hammed that one up a bit. Saw the movie the second time with two pediatricians and they both just snorted at his ouch! He passed out in the book for goodness sake! Did any one notice the castle was A LOT closer to the pitch this time? In SS it was off in the distance, which I thought was odd. This time it was right next-door. I love finding stuff like this.

Dueling club—not enough! Severus was hot—what little we saw of him. Harry speaking Parseltongue gave me a shiver right down the spine. Whether it was Radcliff’s acting or Columbus directing this scene spoke volumes. The look Severus gives Harry and the fear on the faces of Lockhart and the students. But Malfoy on his ass again, brilliant. I hate Malfoy. I really should seek professional help.

My fourth and fifth favorite lines are Polyjuice related. When Malfoy asked why Goyle had glasses on and then said “I didn’t know you could read” with such a deadpan delivery the entire audience roared all three times I saw it. But Ron’s line says it all: “Look at your tail.” Again Columbus has strayed from the book only to add to it!

Moaning Myrtle gets a whole section to her self. I love this character. I don’t know the name of the woman who plays her but darn she’s brilliantly psycho! She has my FAVORITE line in the entire show: I WAS DISTRAUT! A plain nutter in the words of Ron. One minute she is sweet and moaning ‘poor me’ and the next she is a Harpy from Hell! She and Radcliff show chemistry together at the end. When she offers to share her toilet if he should die and Harry thanks her it is a TRUE thank you. The character of Harry just shines through so much at this point. Radcliff shows us Harry is just a good guy who is polite and kind to the core. Did any one notice during the diary scene that all the taps flooding the floor were on and yet the snake one is not suppose to work nor does it when Harry tries it?

Well I’m running out of time to do this so on to quick and simple.

Ron in the forest: When Harry tells him to hush and sush. Though I did love the lines--grow some balls Ron.

When Ron hits Lockhart: Yes he grew them! J

Harry dying: Oh my, is all I can say. Actually I would have liked to have seen more of it. Yes I know I need help. But dirty, hot and sweaty Harry for the first time made me reconsider my position that I am not Raven. I must remember that look when it gets to the key battle in AP!

Dumbledores stairs: My pick for the best set. And his office was everything I hoped for.

Fawkes: His animation was superb. Watch him breath in Dumbledores office. It’s a bird breathing! The look between he and Harry in the chamber made me want to cry.

Luscious kicking Dobby: Ohhh…*shaking with rage* he made my daughter cry! I now believe those of you who spotted the Avada curse coming from his lips. Surprised me didn’t see it the first time. Bad Columbus. Not even Lucius is that stupid to do the killing curse on Potter. His Dark Lord wants that privilege all to himself!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

I've got someone to go with me to the opening. Wuha! Went to lunch with Duane and several other docs he works with. Dr. Tryban--she's cute and blond, I'm so jealous--loves HP and a group of us are going to see it Saturday night. If you need a ped. on Saturday we'll all be at the show, go to the emergency room and wate:) I'm still taking the kids tomorow but at least I'll have an adult viewing free of questions, I'm afraids and I've got to go pottys. Comments still arn't working but ah well--e-mail me!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Duane got his promotion at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for him I could screem! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok hear that?

enetation is not working on my site at least. Wolf's comments work fine but he probably hack into the darn place and fixed it himself.

Pouting that the first HP show doesn't start untill 7 pm here. I'm going to call a theator in Petoskey and see if their's start any earlier. Is it worth an hour drive to see it before 7? Yes, simply because it will keep me from paseing the floors all day. Just wish I had someone to go with me. I'll take the kids of course but I'd like to see it on my own first so that I'm not having to explain everything that is happening all movie. Not to mention the bathroom breaks.

Read that Mary? New car and you couldn't even drive up her to share the movie with me.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

I've just decided I truly 'live' up in the North now. It hadn't sunk in really I think until this morning. You see I woke up to gunfire, more specifically riffle fire, and I was not afraid. For the first time it was not a robber, a drug deal gone bad, a murderer, or a rapist--not that I lived with that everyday--but this time it was different and I knew it. I simply rolled over and closed my eyes again knowing it was one family member or another sighting in his/her riffle up in the orchard.

Robert walked the woods yesterday with my dad (his Pa) and did some repair work to the blinds before opening day of dear season on the 15th. While the men folk--well, not fair to include my sister and two female cousins in this lump--are out freezing their gonads off in the blinds I will be sitting in a nice warm theater watching Severus at the dueling match. Squee....I know BAD Lu! I might have to take Samantha with me because the children do not have school on the 15th. City fathers wisely decided it was not in the best interest of the school districts to have dozens of 16 and older students coming into school right from their deer blinds. Problem was ALL of them had their rifles in the trunks or backseats of cars, etc. At lunch it was hey 'Joe' come see my new (insert name of favorite rifle) before we have to go back to class.

I know gun control is a serious issue in the United States right now so doesn’t bother with the flames. Nothing you do or say will change my mind that we have a right to keep weapons. It is the parent's responsibility to teach from the very beginning morals that will prevent misuse of weapons of any type, including drugs. GHB is just as deadly in the wrong hands as a gun.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

One tempertantrum. One near-potty accident. One spilt milk carton. One fall on the play ground resulting in skinned palms. One language tape eaten by the VCR. One very tired teacher. Oh, did I mention I was talking about me? God I hate first grade.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Cause and effect: Eat half a pizza and gain weight.

Proof that for every reaction there is NOT an equal and opposite reaction: Drop down into the hole of the crawl space leading under the house only to find that you've gained weight since the last time you were down there and can no longer crawl back up.

Out of the mouths of babes: Mom, should we call 911?

Proof that your children have your sense of humor: Darn Mom, to bad we don’t have a video camera. We could win a million dollars with the way you look right now.

Came home and ate half a pizza myself. No hubbie to cook for ='s night off for me! I would have cooked but I walked into the house to the sound of water running. Couldn't immagine family leaving the water running in bathroom. I left house before they did. Turned the corner to find the bathroom flooded! And the hall, and the laundry room. The hose into the toilet tank popped off so the water just ran and ran. No hubbie home to fix so I got to be a plumber. I haven't gone into the crawlspace under the house to see the water damage. Just can't bring my self to do it.

Taught first grade. Do I need to say more? Arg. Sweet little things but not my choice. You just can't reason with a 7 year old. Too needy, too tattlely, too that's not how we do it. On the up side I got to explain the difference between Fiction and Non fiction for them and I'm sure I used examples their teachers would never think to use. Stuff like magic, elfs, dragons etc. Yes I know that should be fantasy but we got to start them some where.

I'm tired, cold and my pants are still wet. Think I'll go get my jammies on. Any one up for a girls night---come join me.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

I need three of me. One to get to work in the morning. One to take Duane to the airport. He's going to D.C. for a medical conference. One to get the kids up and off to school. How do single working mothers do it? I know when Duane worked 24 hr. shifts 3 days a week I felt like a single working mom but at least I had a little help every other day or so. What do people without family to help them do?

I was a very bad girl Sunday night. I for the first time in my life SERIOUSLY thought about stealing something. Went to see the Santa Clause 2-great movie by the way-and we were the only people in the entire show. Weird I know. It was also the last show to get out so, therefore, we were left all alone in the lobby with the Harry Potter movie poster just hanging there on a standup movable manqué (sp?) board. Out the door, into the truck, no one would have been the wiser and I chickened out. Twenty-eight years as the daughter of a cop and i just couldn't do it. I'm sooooooooo sad.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Wolf? What did you do with my comments? :)
The joys of being a quest teacher! My day started out with a gym full of 22--17&18 year old young men and 7 rubber dodge balls. Now most people might find this a challenge. Not me. With in five minutes I had them roaring with laughter at the expence of one young man who thought it would be fun to moon everyone. Now everyone knows I can't resist a good Full Moon but my mouth over rode my brain and before I realized it I had boldly anounced for all to hear: "Trust me honey, I've seen better!" Well his classmates just thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread and started clapping and chanting "dissed, dissed, dissed." Then they invited me to play. :) Ah, young men at their finest. Hot, sweaty and throwing balls around.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

The sight of you holding a crucifix is now implanted in my minds eye forever. Once I pick my self up from the floor from laughing and change my pants I'm sending Emily a copy of that visual. I think she needs a laugh also.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

And this is yet another test, because I decided to write my own damn template. Begone, evil spacer gifs, spawns of the dark ages (circa 1999)! *holds a crucifix and murmurs something incorrigible in Latin while imagining Sarah Michelle Gellar kicking arse all around the room*
This is another test because I'm showing Hubbie my secret web life. Oh is he going to be suprised!
Ok I believe we are up and running. But this will be short because I'm in the middle of getting Y!G files sent to Wolf to get that set up and cleaning up the desaster in the kids room because they decided to 'clean the tanks themselvse.' Have you ever tryed to get a turtle out from under a bunk bed? Thank goodness the fish didn't end up under the cats!
Ever watched Revenge of the Nerds? They get the girls in the end.
Geek, more like.

Friday, November 01, 2002

test test test. Wolf is a God!
Ok whats a header?
Well I'm back after a half hour of playing with a site to allow people to post comments to me. Also picked out this lovely red templet and well as you can see, no comments and I'm still blue and white. Back to the drawing board. I'm determined to do this! HJPF is dying and I've used it for so long as my blog that I find I miss getting my thoughts in order. So back to the drawing board.