Saturday, April 26, 2003

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Lou did not lose the password.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Universe to Lou, please respond.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I spent the first five years of my life in the pits of Flat Rock Speedway or Michigan National Speedway depending on what car my dad was driving at the time. I was a little grease monkey who knew what a tire iron was before a Barbie doll. So the fact that one of my father’s favorite sayings is ‘Sooner or later if it has tits or tires it will cause you grief’ should not come as a shock. The other twenty-eight years of my life were spent around cops. I don’t dare repeat some of those sayings. This saying finally makes since to me and I now agree with him, cars are grief. I would love to move to Mackinaw Island. They don’t allow motor vehicles there. Only city in the entire United States that doesn’t. Even the police use horseback as a means of transportation. Power steering went on the van yesterday. Oh well I can live with that. Gives you great pecks. But the battery is another deal totally. Need it to start the van. Replaced the darn thing two weeks ago because the van would go dead over night. Original battery no big deal, or so I thought. Now, yesterday the steering goes, today the NEW battery is dead. Could it be that it got to –28* last night? Battery is rated to –50*. Nope, not the battery. Borrow father’s car to pick up kids from school and drive them to bowling. Did I mention we’re in the middle of another blizzard during all this? WE are. Lock car and spend next two hours running between lanes 1 and 12 so that each child feels like I’m watching them. Come out and unbury car from snow drifts only to discover father gave me IGNITION KEY ONLY and this car has a door key as well. Of course I locked it…the last car I failed to lock got STOLEN. I still have issues.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

I like to cook. Really I do. I enjoy food. Not just typical 'American fare' either. Really there are not any good foreign restraints in the area. I'd settle for authentic Mexican...I’m not picky. Trouble is I get a taste for something and obsess until I make it. Now that’s all well and good but when it doesn't turn out like I wanted it to then I get all bitchy and crabby and...well it's not a pretty scene..

The latest obsession was middle eastern. I make a mean Hummus. No problem there. The grape leaves were the problem. I can roll them. Mary stuck me with that job all the time so no problem there. I couldn't remember if she used garlic in them and called her but she was so out of it on the phone...just got out of the hospital, she and 2 children had BAD bug... I didn't bother to ask her and just said goodnight. Then I called her sister. That was my first mistake. My second was listening to her. Bleecck! I guess they weren't that bad just not that good either. Between the cost of the leaves, the feta, the sirloin-couldn’t find lamb, the olives, the bread etc, etc., it would have been cheaper for me to just drive down and visit Mary and make her cook the darn things for me. Hey, I'd even roll them for her.

Started another short fic. It’s Emma Dalrymple’s fault. She posted this great little short about Sirius in Azkaban and it put this rabid plot bunny in my head. It’s now over ten thousands words and I’m not sure what I want to do with it. Any one want to read it? Called Forgiveness, it fits in with AP but takes place between 4th and 5th year when Sirius is sent to stay with Remus. I’m sure those two had some big issues to deal with and most stories I’ve read have them all lovey dovey or best friends and over what happened. How did they get past the betrayal? Man they both screwed up big. What happened that summer to repair the friendship? Of course in cannon we don’t know if they do. So it will probably be a mute point in 132 days. Speaking of which…book store up here tells me it won’t open until 9:30 am. Looks like I drive to Wallmarts in Petoskey for a midnight read. Problem is how do I drive the hour back at midnight and read at he same time? LOL.

Posted Woman’s Revenge on Ridiculous at Schnoogle. Started getting reviews on it right away. In the description, I listed it as a first in a series of vignettes on the women of Hogwarts. Wonder what I can come up with for Hanna Abbott?

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

I just browsed I've read stories there that I was linked to but never just browsed and read some of the descriptions before. Eugh. IS Sugar Quill really that superior of a site? Even Schnoogle at Fiction Alley, which is loosely controlled, still has some decent stories to read.

One of the listers on AP Yahoo wants to set a file to link recommended stories. I haven't answered yet because I'm a little worried as to the recs that might be posted on the group. Everyone should be aloud to write but not all of it should be available to read! Am I being snobbish? Really I'm a lousy writer. More of a compulsion to get this blasted story out of my head than anything else. But I have standards and I'm a control freak so it HAS to be accurate and the info as real as I can make it in a made up world...but some of the stuff that I'm see out there...again, eughhhh.


I hate hats. Hats that keep your head warm that is. The fashionable ones that ladies of old wore to church and all that, I’d love to be able to wear but you can’t afford to buy those anymore. Only the fancy department stores carry those and K-Mart and Wallmart hardly fit into that category. I wore a hat today…better yet I wore a full-face mask type…green nit…that barely squeezed over my ponytail. Of course I was also in full cameo-green, zip up to the chest, keep you warm in twenty below 0* pants with black leather boots. Yes Mary my JC High Priest pair…how did I ever climb into the loft every performance in those things let alone strip down and take the heavy ass things off in one minute to be a leaper.

Anyway, snow day today and Samantha just didn’t understand the idea of a BLIZARD. She talked me into driving her to her cousin’s house. Now on a good day we could walk there in 5 minutes…it maybe 45 seconds away the way I drive. The trip took over half an hour and ten minutes of it was spent putting on heavy weather gear, the second ten cleaning off the van and the third ten minutes were spent trying to drive out onto the road with Sam chanting Go Baby Go!!! The next few minutes were spent parking the Van on the main road and walking Sam to the door. If I had let her walk up the driveway on her own she might have slipped into a snowdrift not to be found in the spring.

Finally get home only to have my father arrive several minutes later with the tractor…oh the melodious tinkle of tractor tire chains…and start to clear the drive way just in case I need to get out. God love him. Don’t know why he bothered. Dam wind blew the drifts right back within hours.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

OMG...I just went sledding. The sledding is not much in itself, but where we went... I needed my head examined. I've never realized just how fast a sled travels. No exaggeration this hill must have been 200 yards long at a 45 degree angle. Then once you hit the bottom there is the frozen lake to deal with. You hit the ice going at about 55mph you fly about another 150/200 yards before you stop. One Wild Ride! Do you think that because I was sitting and my feet were flying up in the air that I can say I was sitting with my feet up taking it easy. Hmmm...don't think I'll mention to the doc when I see her tomorrow what I was doing. I'm the bright side...I'm feeling better. But damn I'm sore...must have been the walk BACK UP the hill.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Well I'm back. Late again as usual. I've got good excuses this time. Medical, so I'm not going to bore anyone. The urgent care at the hospital is a wonderful little place. I'm very proud of Duane having been the one to get it implemented, staffed and running so smoothly. Now the fact that he is the one who had to turn me into a human pincushion I'm not too happy about. Really though, if the NPR had gotten me stuck right in the first place they wouldn't have had to call in 'Magic Hands' as they call him. Hmmmm? Hope it’s just because he’s good at getting veins the first try. Lord knows he gives lousy back rubs. The real irony of the whole no one reading this has ever had their Husband give them a pregnancy test before.

Vans back. Won’t start. Batteries dead. Might be the –9 to 0 the weather has been throwing at us lately.Sorry Leslie, simply no pity for you, we’re colder up here than you are over there. Or maybe the fact that the SOB's STOLE IT. Ohh, I hold grudges too long. But that’s ok been suckering my mom into driving me anyway. Had some great talks with her lately. Had 6 years worth of catching up to do I guess?

When I’m feeling up to it we have been swimming. Yes, in –9*. Hell its Michigan…that’s warm for this time of year. Can’t listen to any HP on tape sorry to say but that’s all right because my mom has A LOT to say so she keeps the conversation busy. We took a picture of me in my swimsuit holding a six-foot icicle to send to Aunt in Florida. I’d offer to post it here but I promised Wolf I would touch nothing and he’s far to distracted to bother right now. That and my mom took the picture so heaven only knows how it will turn out. Florida reminds me…I should go call Aunt BJ and tell her we are invading here house in July. Wonder if we can borrow her car again?